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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Perampas MH370 Tidur Lena - Buang Muatan Kargo Ke Laut Hindi Pencarian Dihentikan

Bukti paling haram jadah dalam sejarah menentukan sesebuah kapalterbang mengalami kemalangan jatuh ke laut. Inilah yang dikatakan haram jadah kelas satu. Hanya dengan menemui pelet kayu dengan segera keputusan dibuat bahawa MH370 jatuh menjunam ke dalam laut kerana berlaku masalah dalam kabin.

Kalau kita punya saudara mara ada dalam MH 370 itu , adakah kita akan menerima keputusan ini bulat-bulat?

Jika Mh370 sebenarnya dirampas, Dengan hanya mencampakkan beberapa muatan kargo ke Lautan Hindi, perampas pesawat MH370 boleh tidur lena apabila pencarian ke atas mereka dihentikan. MH370 diisytiharkan terjunam ke laut tanpa bukti serpihan badan pesawat.

Jika sekalipun serpihan badan persawat ditemui selepas ini , fikirkanlah mengapa selepas 17 hari baru ditemui. Tidakkah terfikir MH370 dileraikan dan bahagian pesawat di hanyutkan ke Lautan Hindi.

Lenalah kamu wahai perampas jahanam

Penerbangan MH370 yang hilang sejak 8 Mac lalu disahkan berakhir di sebuah kawasan terpencil di selatan Lautan Hindi.

Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak yang mengumumkan perkembangan terbaru ini kepada pemberita sebentar tadi berkata beliau telah dimaklumkan perkara ini oleh wakil Cawangan Siasatan Nahas Udara (AAIB) dari Britain.

Najib berkata pakar analisis data satelit Inmarsat, yang sebelum ini memberi anggaran lokasi pesawat itu di dua koridor utara dan selatan, merumuskan bahawa pesawat malang itu mengakhiri perjalanannya di tengah-tengah Lautan Hindi di barat bandaraya Perth, Australia.

"Ini merupakan lokasi terpencil, jauh dari mana-mana kawasan landasan.

"Dengan penuh rasa sedih dan kesal, saya ingin memaklumkan kepada anda, bahawa berdasarkan data baru ini, penerbangan MH370 telah berakhir di selatan Lautan Hindi," kata Najib.

Berikut adalah petikan dari sidang media Najib melalui Twitter..

"This evening I was briefed by representatives from the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB)." #MH370

"Inmarsat, that provided the satellite data which indicated the northern & southern corridors,has performed further calculations"

"Based on their new analysis, Inmarsat & the AAIB concluded that the last position of #MH370 was in the middle of the Indian Ocean."

"With deep sadness and regret I must inform you that, according to this new data, flight #MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean."

"We will be holding a press conference tomorrow with further details."

"We share this information out of a commitment to openness & respect for the families, two principles guiding this investigation."

"@MAS have already spoken to the families of the passengers and crew to inform them of this development."

"I urge the media to respect their privacy, and to allow them the space they need at this difficult time." #MH370 - END -
Sementara itu, ahli keluarga penumpang yang terlibat telah menghadiri sesi taklimat tergempar malam ini, dan mereka dijangka akan diterbangkan dengan pesawat khas ke Australia, menurut Sky News.

Sumber yang dipetiknya berkata ahli keluarga yang terlibat akan dibawa terlebih dahulu ke Beijing sebelum diterbangkan ke Australia, setelah beberapa serpihan dipercayai milik pesawat MH370 dikesan di sebuah kawasan terpencil di selatan Lautan Hindi...

Six Important Facts You’re Not Being Told About Lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 
There are some astonishing things you’re not being told about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the flight that simply vanished over the Gulf of Thailand with 239 people on board.

The mystery of the flight’s sudden and complete disappearance has even the world’s top air safety authorities baffled. “Air-safety and antiterror authorities on two continents appeared equally stumped about what direction the probe should take,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

WSJ goes on to report:

“For now, it seems simply inexplicable,” said Paul Hayes, director of safety and insurance at Ascend Worldwide, a British advisory and aviation data firm.

While investigators are baffled, the mainstream media isn’t telling you the whole story, either. So I’ve assembled this collection of facts that should raise serious questions in the minds of anyone following this situation.

• Fact #1: All Boeing 777 commercial jets are equipped with black box recorders that can survive any on-board explosion

No explosion from the plane itself can destroy the black box recorders. They are bomb-proof structures that hold digital recordings of cockpit conversations as well as detailed flight data and control surface data.

• Fact #2: All black box recorders transmit locator signals for at least 30 days after falling into the ocean

Yet the black box from this particular incident hasn’t been detected at all. That’s why investigators are having such trouble finding it. Normally, they only need to “home in” on the black box transmitter signal. But in this case, the absence of a signal means the black box itself — an object designed to survive powerful explosions — has either vanished, malfunctioned or been obliterated by some powerful force beyond the worst fears of aircraft design engineers.

• Fact #3: Many parts of destroyed aircraft are naturally bouyant and will float in water

In past cases of aircraft destroyed over the ocean or crashing into the ocean, debris has always been spotted floating on the surface of the water. That’s because — as you may recall from the safety briefing you’ve learned to ignore — “your seat cushion may be used as a flotation device.”

Yes, seat cushions float. So do many other non-metallic aircraft parts. If Flight 370 was brought down by an explosion of some sort, there would be massive debris floating on the ocean, and that debris would not be difficult to spot. The fact that it has not yet been spotted only adds to the mystery of how Flight 370 appears to have literally vanished from the face of the Earth.

• Fact #4: If a missile destroyed Flight 370, the missile would have left a radar signature

One theory currently circulating on the ‘net is that a missile brought down the airliner, somehow blasting the aircraft and all its contents to “smithereens” — which means very tiny pieces of matter that are undetectable as debris.

The problem with this theory is that there exists no known ground-to-air or air-to-air missile with such a capability. All known missiles generate tremendous debris when they explode on target. Both the missile and the debris produce very large radar signatures which would be easily visible to both military vessels and air traffic authorities.

• Fact #5: The location of the aircraft when it vanished is not a mystery

Air traffic controllers have full details of almost exactly where the aircraft was at the moment it vanished. They know the location, elevation and airspeed — three pieces of information which can readily be used to estimate the likely location of debris.

Remember: air safety investigators are not stupid people. They’ve seen mid-air explosions before, and they know how debris falls. There is already a substantial data set of airline explosions and crashes from which investigators can make well-educated guesses about where debris should be found. And yet, even armed with all this experience and information, they remain totally baffled on what happened to Flight 370.

• Fact #6: If Flight 370 was hijacked, it would not have vanished from radar

Hijacking an airplane does not cause it to simply vanish from radar. Even if transponders are disabled on the aircraft, ground radar can still readily track the location of the aircraft using so-called “passive” radar (classic ground-based radar systems that emit a signal and monitor its reflection).

Thus, the theory that the flight was hijacked makes no sense whatsoever. When planes are hijacked, they do not magically vanish from radar.

Siapakah yang boleh melenyapkan kapalterbang dari radar? Untuk mengetahuinya sila Baca tentang AWACS


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